Driver portal

Driver portal

All information for your driver or subcontractor in one place

All the knowledge at hand

It takes a lot of effort to inform your drivers and charters with the right information, on the right time. Every day new information, news facts and important subjects are available and have to be shared. Your drivers truck contains a lot of manuals (in different versions) and not even the latest version!  

By managing this information in an easy (digital/online) way and link to your drivers/charters, you can reach more efficiency. In this way all your information is up-to-date and available for your drivers: at home or 'on-the-road'.


Each driver or charter will be required to log in with his own username and password. Only the (personal) information intended for this specific driver will be shown. The information may consist of instructions, (confidential) documents, daily trip information, etc.

Multi language

You can present the driver portal in any language you like. User settings will determine the language in which the particular driver will see his information.

On any device

The portal can be used on any device with an internet connection. From smartphone, tablet to desktop computer.

Integrated with your own system(s)

Both the webmodules and the components of the driver- and charter portal can be linked to your existing system(s).
Data synchronisation will then be done automatically. This will prevent mistakes due to double (and manual) data entry.

Ever increasing possibilities

Based on user feedback the driver portal will be improved and extended continuously.
The day-to-day experience of your driver is very important tot us. We would like to work together with you and your drivers, to provide new possibilities and snippets.

Portal snippets

Very useful!