Demonstration of online transport software

You like to see what you are buying. And you would like to meet the people in our organisation. We like to come to you. We bring a laptop and a beamer, and show you how the power of our applications in less than one hour. You don't have to be a programmer to understand what we demonstrate. Thanks to our extensive experience we speak the language of road transport.


During the demo we show you how, as a carrier, you:

  1. do a login
  2. configure various functionalities
  3. import en manage all your principals addresses  
  4. grant access and appropriate rights to a principal 
  5. generate reports


We also show you how a principal:

  1. can do a login
  2. can manage his own settings
  3. can manage his own addresses
  4. can enter a shipment in Online Order Entry
  5. can see an overview of his shipments
  6. can follow the status of a shipment 

In addition there is plenty of room for questions. At the end of the conversation/demonstration we can usually give you a fairly accurate idea regarding the price for the package and the implementation. We are using fixed and clear cut price lists.

You can use our contact form; we will contact you as soon as possible for a demo appointment !