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Add Transport Orders online to your system

Shipping Orders

Online Order Entry (OOE) enables customers to enter their shipment details through your website. These shipments will be automatically added to your Transport Management System. All stages of the transport process will be visible (online) for customers.

The webmodule OOE also provides an option for creating and printing barcode labels as well as freight documents.


Online Order Entry can be extended with a feature for importing and converting customer transport orders.
This will avoid manual entry.

Shipment stage visible

From order entry until delivery customers will be updated with all logistic details on request.


  • Quick and easy order entry
  • View your orders in multiple ways
  • Orders entered by the shipper are transferred to the transporter's TMS almost instantaneously 
  • Status overview of transport orders (Accepted, Planned, Completed, etc.)
  • Automatic generation of freight documents and barcode labels
  • Orders may be exported in multiple formats
  • Default values may be inserted automatically (i.e. for loading or unloading addresses)
  • Address import and export functionality
  • Automatic updating of addresses from or to your TMS
  • Complete information with (configurable) mandatory fields
  • Less error prone, as the shipper enters the information him or herself 
  • Highly configurable
  • View order history with multiple filter and search options
  • Integration with Transport-Info's Track & Trace
  • Besides manual entry, transport orders may be imported as well
  • Fully independent of the Transport Management System


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