Track & Trace

Track & Trace

Follow your shipments and view your freight documents

Tracking transport execution

Track & Trace helps shippers to gain insight into planning and execution of their transport orders. Loading / unloading times and a lot of detailed shipment information can be viewed. The information is always up to date and accessible via internet.

Accessing freight documents online

Scanned freight documents and digital POD's may be accessed online, as soon as they are made available, 

Subcontracted shipments

If you are employing services of subcontractors, they can be enabled to enter their execution information into this module as well. In that way you can keep a complete overview of the execution of all of your transport orders.


  • Online tracking of the stages a shipment goes through
  • Show tracking information in a highly configurable way
  • Filters help you to trace shipments rapidly
  • Goods information is easily accessible 
  • Integration with packaging registration is possible
  • Automatic linking of scanned shipment documents (CMR's etc.)
  • Automatic linking of POD's (i.e. a signature recorded on a mobile device)
  • Print shipment reports easily
  • Export your shipments easily


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